Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dress Up Divas

Here's some pics of Nat's birthday party. She wanted a make-up party, so we went with the Dress- Up Divas theme and let the girls make themselves up with make-up, bling, glitter, you name it. We make body glitter and batted around a high heel shoe pinata (which I ended up having to beat to death to get the candy out because the girls couldn't hit it hard enough). It turned out really cute.

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Princess Power returns to the Shepherd Household

Some of you have already been filled in on the "magic" that the Disney princesses have in this household. By magic, I mean, the ability to persuade our children to do the unthinkable...like getting Natalie to once and for all sleep in her own bed, all night long. Well, the princesses have been visiting us once again, this time to help Audrey make a big change. Check out the video. I'm tellin ya, a phone call to the princesses works like a charm everytime! (And yes that's Natalie wailing in the background because the princesses were coming for Audrey, not her, ugh.)

A Minor Obsession

So in case you've been hiding in a hole somewhere, the fourth and final book of the AMAZING Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn, was released August 2nd. I have a few "obsession buddies" here in Janesville that joined me at the Borders midnight release party and also the Breaking Dawn Concert in Chicago. It was an awesome time and even got to have Stephenie's autograph my book. In the rare event you haven't heard of this book series...call me, we'll talk!
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Nat's 5th Birthday

Natalie turned the BIG 5 on Sunday. She had here "friend party" on Saturday- I'll posted those pics as soon as I figure out what Josh did with them), and then we had our "family party" on Sunday. Natalie loves helping with the baking and decorating -especially when it involves frosting. So I let her decorate her own birthday brownie. BRING ON THE FROSTING!


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Monday, August 11, 2008

Kalahari Part II

Since my mom lives relatively close to the Dells, we were able to give her the kids for a while the second day, so Josh and I could take full advantage of the water slides and fun. By far, the highlight was seeing Josh take a turn on the "surfing" ride they have. Now mind you, Josh has NEVER body surfed in his life. He waited in line for almost 30 min for this one attempt. During that time, I watched person after person get whipped off their board only seconds after getting in the water. So I was a bit nervous for Josh- all that waiting for a 2 second ride...lame. But to my amazement (and the amazement of the crowd watching) here's how it turned out. Yeah, I'm pretty proud of him!

Kalahari Fun

We've had a busy last few weeks. Josh decided to take some time off so we could take advantage of a good deal at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells. Here's some pics of the fun we had. The two waterparks are incredible! If you've never been there, I highly recommend it. Even Katie sported her "teenie" swimsuit for the occasion. There's something too adorable about baby swimsuits.
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