Monday, June 08, 2009

Some attractions in Wyoming

Wyoming is the most desolate place we have ever driven through. We went 150 miles with out any sign of life or civilization, or rest room... and Nicky had to pee, thank goodness for a raod-side Biff used by the construction workers. It was actually a lot cleaner than a rest stop bathroom, go figure??

Another great attraction in Wyoming... We thought about getting a room there, but we were afraid of the expectations the sign set.
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Bear Country

This was a lot of fun. its the classic try and not get eaten by a bear theme park
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The cabin at Mt. Rushmore

if anyone needs a place to stay at Mount Rushmore, we would highly recommend these cabins. It was the girls favorite part of the trip. Not Mt. Rushmore, not the chuckwagon dinner show, not Crazy Horse, not Bear Country... the cabin.
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Mount Rushmore Day 2

The fog cleared the next day and we were able to get a nice view of mount rushmore and Crazy Horse
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