Friday, June 13, 2008

Katie's Baby Blessing

We blessed Katie Elizabeth at the church on Sunday. It was a very nice intimate setting. We did it in the evening because we had Stake conference that day.


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Crib Set by Mom

Here is the fabulous crib set Mom made for Katie. It is beautiful.


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Pot o' Gold

After weeks of rain, floods, thunderstorms and sirens, the sun finally came out today. And what did the girls want to do... run through the water. The sun was hitting it just right so I tried to capture it, but the pictures don't do it justice.


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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fingers and Toes

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Omi and Papa have arrived

Omi and Papa arrived safely this evening after a long car ride from NY. We are very excited to have them with us

Natalie's Dance Recital

Natalie had her big dance recital last Saturday. She was very excited to wear her costume and put on Mom's makeup. she did a great job up on stage